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PLUM - Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sheraden

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Pittsburgh Lutheran United Ministries (PLUM) is a cooperative ministry formed by twelve churches in the Pittsburgh area.  Those churches are:

Begun by three churches (St. Andrew, Christ Lutheran & East Liberty) as a trial venture in May of 2004, the PLUM venture became official by near-unanimous voting in April of 2007.  PLUM is led by by Rev. John Gropp, Rev. Beth Siefert, Rev. Melba Dibble, Rev. Paul Koch and a three-member Board of Representatives from each of the churches.  Items that need voted on are presented to the individual congregations for ratification.

The purpose of PLUM is to provide a model whereby small congregations may continue to exist and provide the necessary ministry in their local area; this is done by pooling financial resources in order to afford pastoral support.  PLUM currently has four pastors and is serving nine area churches. Due to the frightening number of small church congregations disappearing and the dwindling numbers of ordained clergy coming out of the seminary, it is felt that this cooperative ministry offers the best chances, not only for the continued existence of the nine congregations, but it also presents opportunities to attract newly ordained clergy to the small churches.  The PLUM model encourages sharing of worship sites, services, and events; allows cooperative efforts in church-related programs for youth and neighborhoods, and hopefully will provide an answer to a very uncertain and questionable future.  While a formal entity in body, PLUM is still very much a work in progress.  The Synod continues to monitor PLUM's progress and assist as they are able. The overall status of our ministry is sound, and we hope to grow as a ministry and stand as a model of maintaining pastoral support for small congregations.



Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sheraden, 3102 Sherwood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15204        412-331-0600